Every Day is a Learning Day - Alice Sharp

I love my job. I love learning new things

Recently I have become part of a small cohort studying and carrying out action research at the Royal Conservatoire of Glasgow. It’s a special place with such passionate people. I find myself sharing pedagogical dialogue with the most amazing array of folk. 

My little dialogue group is made up of. M, who lives and works on the Isle of Lewis. She is a sculptor, uses seaweed, driftwood or topiary to create little art pieces. The last teaching session she delivered was a drawing class at midnight on the beach. The moon was their light! Can you imagine the pedagogical dialogue shared!

Then there is K. He is a producer/director of a travelling theatre company travelling to all the nurseries and primaries around Scotland with a small band of merry actors. Their productions range from faeries and superheroes to the current production on knife crime and bullying. Our conversations are about sharing hard and controversial subjects with young children, no easy task.

The third is D. He is a film maker. He uses moving image to inspire the youngest of children to look at the world, capture what they see and then relate how they themselves can be a positive part of it. And C is a digital design artist. The imagery he creates and uses to stimulate thinking with young children is beyond wonderful. 

Finally, I make up the band of five. I am looking at lullabies and Mother Songs (Froebel) and the impact they can have on language development. As part of my development I am having singing lessons. My teacher is a craftsman and is sharing his expertise with me. Every session is uplifting and joyful.

For one of our assignments we all read Educating Ruby by Guy Claxton and Bill Lucas. We have all realised we are living his research findings. Just by glancing at the front cover of the book you can see the seven C’s they have identified that every child will need to survive and thrive in 2030.

Our little group is all about being Curious. The nature of each of our conversations are about using Creativity to drive learning forward. We Communicate our ideas and opinions in a wide variety of ways. Our Collaboration allows us to share our Craftsmanship (passion for our subject area) highlighting our Confidence in our own specialism but also building confidence in the other art forms through the collaboration. The final one the research and book suggest our children will need in 2030 is Commitment. I have never had the honour and privilege to be a part of something more powerful than sharing my thinking, passion and expertise to shape learning for others.

Find a person, a group of like-minded folk, broaden your horizons and share your fabulousness, stop keeping it a secret!!

Alice Sharp  www.alicesharp.co.uk