Twigs, Trees and STEM

Early years professionals have always known that separating young children’s learning into curriculum areas is an artificial construct. Likewise, outdoor educators have always been advocates of environmental, cross-curricular and interdisciplinary learning. Thus, the growth interest of STEM as a concept works particularly well within early years outdoor provision.  If you observe a three-year old playing […]

Aberlour Futures

Aberlour Futures St. Machar and Lochside  Academies  celebrated the success of 32 young people participating in Aberlour Scotland’s Children’s Charity  Skills for Work in Early Education and Childcare programme.   Aberlour Futures’ is an SQA accredited centre, delivering  training for the childcare workforce in Aberdeen City and Shire.  The Skills for Work programme is funded by […]

Maths in early years

Maths in early years… Teaching maths in early years is not as hard as it seems, it is primarily reflecting on how to approach everyday routines, activities and taking advantage of the mathematical learning opportunities behind all of them. When you hear the words “mathematical concepts”, it seems complex but as you research more into […]


Starcatchers Starcatchers is Scotland’s National Arts and Early Years organisation. Since 2013, they have been delivering their unique, artist-facilitated Creative Skills Programme for the Early Years workforce in Aberdeen. The Creative Skills approach shares open structures designed to give babies and young children a voice – by engaging them in decisionmaking, offering opportunities for self-expression, […]