Celebrating ELC Awards

Award Form

Please read through our ELC Awards hints and tips document before submitting your application.


Read all the categories carefully and make sure you enter the most appropriate one: you must be able to answer the questions and provide evidence or examples of how you are meeting the criteria, which is different for each category.

Don’t leave it to the last minute: you can start preparing now by planning what you want to say and gather details of examples or evidence you want to include in your written submission.

Tell a story: help your entry stand out to the judges by having a clear beginning, middle and end so it reads like an interesting story.

Provide evidence: use information from research, practice and evaluations to demonstrate how the team has specifically met the award criteria. Try to avoid generalisations or assumptions. Remember you can attach pictures/supporting documents as evidence.

Use plain English: avoid jargon and remember that anyone should be able to read and understand it.

Allow plenty of time to complete the application form.

All entries must be in before 5pm, 4th October 2019.

Enter the correct category: take time to read all the categories and criteria listed before deciding what you could enter. Only enter a category if you can evidence meeting the criteria.

Submitting current work: we understand that it takes time to implement new projects/changes at an ELC setting but we want to recognise current work so we are looking for entries to use evidence of positive results obtained within the last 12 months (from the last academic year).

Final Checklist

  • Have you entered the correct category?
  • Have you used everyday language?
  • Have you provided evidence?
  • Have you discussed your application with your Locality Lead (ACC), Principal Teacher Early Years (Aberdeenshire), Continuous Improvement Officer (Moray)?
  • Have you proof read your entry?


Please note, all uploaded files should be no larger than 1 MB in size, please reduce the size of any word documents/powerpoint files or images before you make your application.

Please ensure that your application (including all attachments) adheres to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) n legislation. If you have any doubts at all please seek advice from your Local Authority or email info@elcacademy.scot .