Aberlour Futures Aberdeen Apprentices Welcome MSPs

During Scottish Apprenticeship Week a number of Modern Apprentices currently training with Aberlour Futures Aberdeen welcomed their MSPs, who visited to find out more about their start in early years.

Susan Greig, Assistant Service Manager Employability, for Aberlour Futures Aberdeen said after the visits:

“Developing the young workforce through our Modern Apprenticeship Programme is the most rewarding aspect of our SQA Accredited Centre.  Our aim is to help young people to develop their professional knowledge and understanding and professional skills and abilities and enable them to contribute and play their part in delivering high quality early learning and childcare to ensure children get the best start in life.”

L-R: Gordon Macdougall (SDS) Kevin Stewart (MSP) Declan Hoskins (Modern Apprentice) Fiona Mcqueen (Manager Bright Horizons Treehouse) Susan Greig (Aberlour Futures) Alison Mitchell (Assessor Aberlour Futures












L-R: Declan Hoskins (Modern Apprentice) Susan Greig (Aberlour Futures) Alison Mitchell (Assessor Aberlour Futures) Kevin Stewart (MSP)











L-R: Michelle McCagh (Hoodles Manager) Susan Greig (Aberlour Futures) Alison Mitchell (Assessor Aberlour Futures) Charlie Simpson (Modern Apprentice) Caitlyn Bowie (Modern Apprenitce) Katie Matthew (Modern Apprentice) MGillian Martin (MSP) Gordon Macdougall (SDS)